Aspiring political office holders should be mandated to undertake professional Administration competency training says Dr. Chima

The President Chartered Institute of Administrators, Dr. George U.K. Chima has said that aspiring political office holders must be mandated to undertake professional Administration competency training and become chartered administrators so as to imbibe the ethics and standards which are essential for accountability, probity and transparency. Dr. Chima emphasized that Administration is the bedrock of any thriving system because it specifies core operation/standards, policies, guidelines, strategies and continually ensures proper co­ordination of activities in component systems; to achieve optimal usage of resources as well as expected results. Administration plays vital roles at various levels of every organization to avoid collapse of the total system. The competence is enhanced through trainings delivered by Chartered Institute of Administration.

He further said that administration by study and principles is essentially the same irrespective of clime but what have created a gulf between developed and developing nations is the practice and operational efficiency and effectiveness. For example, in United States of America, the clear separation of powers among the executive, legislature and judiciary has produced a stable professionalized public administration that is subordinate to the government. The stability in the government with clear separation of powers compels the public administrators to concentrate on public service, and at converting politics to common good, but not to partake in politics itself.

In Canada, professionals from law, medicine, engineering etc who are in public service are encouraged to study public administration to enable them function well. Again, in America, creativity and development administration practice has grown considerably with overwhelming impact.

He however lamented that the challenges bedeviling the proper practice of administration includes non-integration in the scheme of service of the federation. Prevalence of poorly qualified individuals who occupy critical Administrative positions without necessary professional training as stipulated by the law establishing the Chartered Institute of Administration and certification from Chartered Institute of Administration; Inadequate understanding of the crucial roles of Administration in both the public / and private sectors by major Government stakeholders, hence its confusion with management and denying members opportunities; Indiscriminate springing up of several fake professional bodies with similar names without charter-status yet misleading the public and issue certificates.

Culled from The Guardian

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The Practice of Administration without the CIA factor is a PROFESSIONAL FRAUD!

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