ACIA PROFESSIONAL QUALIFYING COURSE (Graduates Membership Qualifying Course)



Graduates Membership Qualifying Course

Programme Brochure



The Graduates Programme of ACIA Professional Qualifying Examination Course is available on PartTime(Weekends) and Distance Learning at Nigerian College of Administration, Lagos as well as at Approved Teaching Centres (ATC’s) throughout the Federation; commencing in January and July each year, or on such dates as advertised by the College. The programme leads to the following awards of Chartered Institute of Administration:

a)   Chartered Administrators Examination Certificate
       in Professional Administration specialisms;

b)   Associate Professional Membership (ACIA)

c)   Chartered Administrators Public Practising License
       for Entrepreneurs in Public Professional Consultancy Practice

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The course structure comprises the following:

1.        Four Levels of professional examinations, with 6 subjects each, namely:

           1.1       Fundamentals of Administration (FA)

           1.2       Professional Qualifying Examination 1 (PQE 1)

           1.3       Professional Qualifying Examination 2 (PQE 2)

           1.4       Professional Practice Examination (PPE)

2.        Three streams of professional administration specialisms, for students to choose which stream to follow namely:

            2.1       Corporate Administration

            2.2       Financial Administration

            2.3       Public Administration


1.       The subjects of study for Fundamentals of Administration(FA) Level which must be studied by all candidates of all streams, less any exemptions granted are:

          1.1       Business Communication

          1.2       Business and Corporate Law

          1.3       Business Organisation

          1.4       Cost Accounting

          1.5       Economics

          1.6       Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

2.        The subjects of study for each of theProfessional Qualifying Examinations 1 and 2, and the Professional Practice Examination, are listed on   the Table of Distribution of Courses attached to the programme Brochure.   Click here to download

Candidates will study only the subjects listed in their chosen professional administration stream, less any exemptions awarded.

Detailed syllabus will be issued free to all registered students.


Intending Candidates are required to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, or HND, in any discipline, obtained from institutions recognised by National Universities Commission and National board for Technical Education, respectively; or any other qualifications approved by the Governing Council.


1)         Candidates with qualifications in business-related disciplines can be considered for maximum exemptions from the whole of FA, PQE1, and PQE2 Levels as appropriate in their respective streams of specialisation.

2)         Candidateswith qualifications in non-business disciplines can be awarded partial exemptions on subject for subject basis from courses of FA, PQE1, and    PQE2, if their qualifications indicate sufficient coverage of the Institute’s Syllabus.

3)         No exemptions are granted from the courses of PPE.

4)         Candidates granted exemptions are advised to read up the exempted courses, as examiners assume that candidates have knowledge of the courses in setting examination questions in subjects that may have links with the exempted courses.


Distance learning is offered exclusively by Nigerian College of Administration. Candidates on distance learning will read our simplified Study Packs in the Comfort of their homes, in consultation with their assigned personal tutors and supervisors. Distance Learning Students outside Lagos State will write their professional examination in June and December at outside examination centres nearest to them.


Duration is a minimum of 16 weekends of classroom lectures for each level of the programme, followed with the Professional Examination and a short break.


Application form is obtainable at our offices, as well as at our Approved Study Centres or download it on our Website; to be completed and returned with bank deposit/ transfer slip for non-refundable application fee of ₦15,000; paid direct into the bank account of Nigerian College of Administration with First Bank (A/c No. 2018190845) or Zenith Bank (A/c No. 1010223085).


The following fees will be paid by candidates studying ACIA Professional Qualifying Course with Nigerian College of Administration, Lagos.

1.     Application/Student Registration Form —————————– ₦15,000

2.    Tuition Fee for each Level of the Programme payable before joining classes

        2.1       Part Time Study ————————————————-₦60,000

        2.2  Distance Learning ————————————————- ₦70,000

3.    Examination/Exemption Fee per Subject

        payable before examination registration —————————– ₦5,000

4.    Project Research Supervision Fee

        payable before approval of project topic —————————– ₦15,000

5.   Mandatory Terminal Workshop

       payable on completion of course ————————————– ₦20,000

6.   Professional Membership Induction fee to be determined by

      Governing Council of Chartered Institute of Administration on completion of course.

       Candidates studying with Approved teaching Centres will pay the same fees listed above except tuition fee which is charged by individual teaching  centres.

Method of Payment

Candidates should pay all fees in cash by direct deposit or transfer into the bank account of Nigerian College of Nigerian College of Administration with First Bank (A/c No. 2018190845) or Zenith Bank (A/c No. 1010223085); and thereafter submit the bank deposit/transfer slip to the College for processing.


Candidates are required to process their CIA Professional Student Registration before they are eligible to write the Professional Examination. For this purpose they are required to pay CIA Registration Fee of ₦21,000 comprising: application Fee of ₦5,000, 3 years Annual subscription of ₦6,000, Student ID Card of ₦5,000 and Student Handbook of ₦5,000

Method of Payment

Please pay CIA Registration Fee by direct cash deposit/transfer into the bank account of Chartered Institute of Administration with First Bank (A/c No. 2022997719) or Zenith Bank (A/c No. 1010155991).


Candidates are required to process their admissions including payment of tuition fees at least two weeks before the commencing date of the programme.



1) ACIA Professional Qualifying Course Application Form
2) Professional Examination Entry Form for Faculty of Corporate Administration
3) Professional Examination Entry Form for Faculty of Financial Administration

4) Professional Examination Entry Form for Faculty of Public Administration

5) Programme Brochure

6) Examination Regulations and Outline of Syllabus



The Institute’s Professional Qualification is officially recognized and graded as a senior course by Federal Ministry of Education, for employment in all sectors of the economy.

Detailed information on this can be obtained from the Registrar of the Institute on request, or direct from the Evaluation/Accreditation Division of the Federal Ministry of Education.


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