About Us

The institute is a professional and examining body established in 1987 and chartered by Act No.103, published in the Federal Government of Nigeria Gazette No.76 Vol.79 of 31st December 1992. Also visit www.nigeria-law.org/LFN.

The Act empowers the institute to, among other things; regulate the training and practice of Administration in public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy within a professional membership framework.

As a profession in the centre of attraction and constantly in the mainstream of industrial development, the contributions of professional administration specialisms  to sustain and maintain a robust economy are very crucial and significant.

As national development change with a tremendous relative rapidity, so do management and administrative approaches to cope and keep them afloat. It is inconceivable to think of any industrial and economic developments on their own without the contribution  of skilled administrators.

Objectives of the Institute

Under the Act recognizing it the Institute has the main objective of promoting the science and techniques of management and administration. To achieve its objectives, the Act empowers the Institute to:


  • Determine what standards of knowledge and skill are to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the profession and improving those standards from time to time as circumstances may permit;
  • Encourage, advance, disseminate knowledge, education, practical training, and research into the profession;
  • Formulate exacting standards of competence and conduct, and exercise discipline to uphold the highest ethical standards; generally seek to promote its skills for the benefit of industrial and business efficiency, economy and productivity.
  • Conduct examination in the profession and award certificates or diplomas to successful candidates as appropriate;


“To be the reference professional body in the science, art and regulation of the practice of Administration in Nigeria and across the world. “


‘Our Mission is “To build a body of professional Administrators with the highest level of competence by promoting education, practical training and research and regulating the practices of Administration for the performance improvement in all sectors of Nigerian economy and across the world.””

A Professional and Examining Body Chartered by Act. No. 103 of 1992 - Now Cap CF LFN 2004