1.0 Introduction

The Institute has successfully introduced two career-oriented programmes, in partnership with some Universities. The programmes are briefly stated below.

1.1 Undergraduate Professional Development

The objective of this programme is to enable 400-Level (final year) Undergraduates studying administration-related disciplines to qualify as Chartered Administrators (ACIA) at the same time as graduating with Degree Certificate.

The Undergraduates are admitted direct to Final Level of the Institute’s professional examinations, which they will complete alongside the final year courses.

The University will charge tuition fee, teach the courses, and conduct the Final Professional Examinations for the award of ACIA Professional Qualification.

1.2 Direct Membership

Candidates completing the Doctorate and Masters Degrees in administration-related disciplines will be considered for direct membership of the Institute; in the grades of Full Member and Fellow, depending on their level of experience in administration- related functions at managerial and top managerial levels.

The candidates will pay professional membership induction fee, part of which will go to the University.

2.0 Benefits

In addition to equiping the students with the Professional Competence necessary for dynamic career advancement, the programmes provide the University veritable sources of income generation.

3.0 Contact Us

Universities interested in any one or more of these programmes are requested to contact us for detailed programme information, and discussion which can possibly result in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).


The Institute’s Professional Qualification is officially recognized and graded as a senior course by Federal Ministry of Education, for employment in all sectors of the economy.

Detailed information on this can be obtained from the Registrar of the Institute on request, or direct from the Evaluation/Accreditation Division of the Federal Ministry of Education.


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Membership in the Institute is by passing the Instute’s professional examination, or other examinations which meet the Institute’s educational requirement for admission to membership, in addition to satisfying the practical experience requirement.

ACIA Professional Examination

Its objectives are to:

  • Provide for the Institute, together with the practical experience requirements, an adequate basis for assuring society that those admitted to membership are competent to act as Chartered Administrators for entities whether in munufacturing, commercial or service organizations, in the public or private sector of the economy
  • Enable the Institute to examine whether prospective members have an adequate knowledge, understanding, and mastering of the stated body of knowledge and skills
  • Complement the Institute’s practical experience requirements