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Our Mission is “To build a body of professional Administrators with the highest level of competence by promoting education

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Our vision is ” To be the reference professional body in the science, art and regulation of the practice of Administration in Nigeria

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Under the Act recognizing it the Institute has the main objective of promoting the science and techniques of management and administration

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The Institute Chartered Institute of Administration, Chartered by Act No. 103 of1992(now Act of National Assembly Cap C7 Laws of Federation of Nigeria 2004), is the professional body empowered by Government to regulate the training in, and practice of, Administration within a professional framework throughout Nigeria.

The Institute is governed by a Council of members, including a representative of the Honourable Minister of Education.

The Institute’s professional qualification, the ACIA, is accredited by by Federal Ministry of Education for employment in all sectors of the economy.

The College Nigerian College of Administration is the Institute’s statutory Professional Education and Training School, offering registered studies prescribed courses of study for the Institute’s professional examinations, and other related programmes.

ACIA Professional Qualification
Graduate Professional Qualifying Course
Its objectives are to:

  • Provide for the Institute, together with the practical experience requirements, an adequate basis for assuring society that those admitted to membership are competent to act as Chartered Administrators for entities whether in manufacturing, commercial or service organizations, in the public or private sector of the economy
  • Enable the Institute to examine whether prospective members have an adequate knowledge, understanding, and mastering of the stated body of knowledge and skills
  • Complement the Institute’s practical experience requirements









A Professional and Examining Body Chartered by
Act. No. 103 of 1992 - Now Cap CF LFN 2004